Dr. Louzan, Sara - Argentina

Dr. Louzan Rossi, Sara

BPW Club Buenos Aires


Region: Latin America

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French

Degree in Psychology in Buenos Aires University. Degree in Clinic Psychology in Pontifica Universidad Catolica Argentina. Also graduated as Univ. prof. in Instituto Superior de Profesorado Joaquín V. González. Degree in Psychoanalysis in Centre of Psychologycal Research on Accident Prevention. Master in neurolinguistic programming in the first Institute of Neurolinguist. Psychologist of the Association of lawyers, she works as a psychoanalyst and psychologist in a Private Institute and as a psychology in Family, Penal and Civil Courts in Buenos Aires. She worked as a business advisor and labor consultant. Member of the International Association of Medical, Psychological and Religious Studies, with headquarters in Geneva, where she hold conferences and research. Member of the BPW International Health Committee, pursuing projects for Women’s and children’s global Health. Currently member of the BPW International Health and Wellbeing Taskforce.