Olivieri, Maria Concetta - Italy

Olivieri, Maria Concetta,

FIDAPA BPW Club Canicattì,


Region: Europe

Languages: Italian, English

Degree in Medicine and Surgery University of Palermo 1976. Specialization in Vascular Surgery University Palermo 1979. Internal doctor in surgical clinic at the Policlinico Palermo. General Surgery Assistant at Maria Longo Mussomeli Hospital in 1979. Surgery assistant at Barone Lombardo Hospital of Canicatti from October 1979 until February 1989.

Winner of the specialist rehabilitative basic medicine management competition

Since 1989 she has been the medical director in charge of the Canicattì District Clinic.

In 2005 Chair of the National Health Committee FIDAPA BPW Italy.

Vice-President FIDAPA BPW Italy 2017-2019. Member of the Health and Wellbeing Task Force 2017-2020.