San Saturnino Peciño, Maite - Spain

San Saturnino Peciño, Maite,

BPW Club Alava, Bilbao,


Region: Europe

Languages: Italian, English

Degree in Tourism -University of DEUSTO and in Economic and Business - University of DEUSTO (Bilbao- Spain)

President, Founding Member of “Corazón Sin Fronteras Association” for Promotion and Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases.

President and Founding Member  of “CardioAlliance”.

To give voice to the Cardiovascular Spanish Patient´s –National, European and International Level.

Representative Leader of Cardiovascular Patients and families.

Strategy of Ischemic Cardiopathy of Spanish Ministry of Health .

International Member of Platform for Hearth Failure iHhub.

Member of Committee for best Practices in the Spanish Ministry of Health .

President and Founding Alava Member of Professionals, Business and  Managers Woman’s.

President of Euskadi Federation of Professionals, Business and  Managers Woman’s.

Member of the Spanish Professional Business Woman’s. ”BPWSPAIN”

Executive Members of Bank  Foundation Kutxabank (Fundación Vital).

Coaching on Health.

Psychology three degree courses in University UNED