Dr. Monini Luisa, Italy - Taskforce Chair

Dr. Luisa Monini

Taskforce Chair

BPW UN Representative WHO 

BPW International PILOT Team Member

FIDAPA BPW Club Milano

Past President BPW Club Villa Franca


Region: Europe


Graduated in Medicine at University of Padova, July 1975 cum laude. Specialty in Orthopaedics at the University of Padua, July 1978 cum laude. Specialty in Hand Surgery at the University of Pavia, June 1981 cum laude. Specialty in Medical and Health Service Managing at the University of Modena, 1992 cum laude. Prof. of Hand Surgery at the Specialty School for First Aid and Emergency Therapy at Chieti University. Teacher in various editions of the Advanced Course of Hand Surgery in Brescia. Prof. at the Specialty School of Orthopaedics at the University of Brescia, 1986-2006. Member of both U.N.A.M.S..I. and U.G.I.S. ( National Scientific Societies of Medical reporters).President of Giorgio Brunelli Foundation for Research on Spinal Cord and Regeneration. Chair of the International Health Committee BPW International 2011-2014/ 2014-2017.Chair of the international Taskforce of Health and Welleing BPW International 2017-2020.

Languages: Italian, English