De Carli, Edda - Italy

De Carli, Edda,

FIDAPA BPW Club Verona Est,


Region: Europe

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish

From 1990 she devoted hrtself to research in dermocosmetics and deposited several national and international patents. In 2004 she established the FIDAPA-BPW Italy Villafranca Club  to which Rita Levi M. was the honorary member. In 2009 she founded SHANI DERMOCOSMETICS and in 2011 she received the bronze medal from the worldwide intellectual protection organization at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Since 2011 she is a member of the BPW International Health Committee Member. In 2014 she was inserted as "Innovator" in the prestigious "AUDI INNOVATIVE THINKING" with the best exponents of Innovation. 

Recently, she is  promoting the project “Ethics in Aesthetics” with a particular focus on women who have been operated on for breast cancer. Member of the BPWI Health Committee 2014-2017 and currently  member of the BPWI  Health & Wellbeing Taskforce 2017-2020.